Quick response.

We appriciate working with Omnis because their quick response, either remote or on-site, to solve problems in our retail store. Our point of sale is all computer networked, so being up and running properly is critical to our business.

Kulak Nursurey Kulak's Nursery & Landscaping
Rexford, NY

Peace of mind.

I know I have: multiple backups (with one in the cloud), a team that answers the phone even at 8:00am when we start our day if there is a technical problem that will cost us a lot of revenue, and will be charged a reasonable fee for the service. Omnis fixes problems quickly. I say, "Try the service, you will be pleased."

John McCambley, DMD Schenectady, NY

Friendly and helpful staff.

Omnis is on call for us and cares about our needs and concerns. They discuss options for us to consider to solve issues that might arise. Their friendly and helpful staff is easy to contact and responds promptly (very important).

Joe Madalone Marcella’s Appliances
Schenectady, NY

Great Group. Many of the problems are brought to our attention before they truly become problems.

Great group, available 24/7 with their emergency services. Any problems we have, Omnis jumps on and solves right away. Many of the problems are brought to our attention before they truly become problems.

TSC isn’t big enough to warrant an IT department, so having Omnis manage everything makes things much easier for us. Omnis has designed programs to both streamline the TSC day to day activities and disaster response systems.

Piller TSC Blower Corporation Schenectady, NY

Professionalism, computer knowledge, and attention to detail.

Omnis provides rapid response to resolve our problems. When we have a computer problem, Omnis is there immediately to fix it. Early on, if the computers were acting up, a tech would come to the office that same day and make sure everything was running smoothly. Now, most of our problems can be handled online.

I never felt like I was just another client with Omnis. I always felt I was given personal attention and they were concerned about how well my office was running. If someone was on the fence about choosing an IT company, I would suggest they give Omnis a try to experience their professionalism, computer knowledge, and attention to detail first hand.

Michael Kane, DDS Latham, NY

Omnis has delivered for us at a very high level and at a very competitive price.

We had a potential major disaster this past summer due to electrical issues and our network was up and running the next morning, thanks to some long hours by Nate and our Omnis BDR service.

We have had issues in the past with other vendors where we invested in hardware that ended up not working as promised. The hardware and services we have gotten through Omnis have performed “as advertised.”

Schenectady Steel Schenectady, NY

We recommend Omnis!

Omnis has always provided quick response, repair and fix time to any and all issues we have ever needed addressed. Omnis associates are personable, knowledgeable, professional, and communicate with our staff in a manner that gives us confidence. Any time we communicate with their staff we never feel uninformed.

AFP Latham, NY

I’ve been with Omnis Computers since 1987. Over the 31 years, Scott and his crew have always provided hardware, software and technical services with good results at a fair price.

Arket Electric Schenectady, NY