Wiring your surveillance system can be a pain that a small business just doesn’t have time for, and when wires come unplugged or lost, it can be impossible to figure out why your system isn’t working and which wire has gone astray. When you choose wireless surveillance solutions with Omnis Computers in Albany & Schenectady, you’re choosing comprehensive surveillance services that not only make your system almost completely wireless free, but that you can track from anywhere – even on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

When you choose Omnis Computers for your wireless surveillance needs, you’re also choosing:

  • Remote Monitoring – Monitor your cameras anywhere, anytime, with any device that connects to the internet
  • Motion sensing capabilities – conserve power while always guaranteeing you catch any trespassers that may mean to cause harm to your business
  • Never deal with wires again – with Omnis’ surveillance system, the only wire you’ll ever see is the power cord

For comprehensive and encompassing wireless surveillance needs in Albany & Schenectady, contact Omnis today so we can help you get on the right track to a continuous protection of your company.

Want more information on wireless surveillance?  Download our wireless surveillance brochure.